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Participants can enjoy a combination of virtual and in-person events the week leading up the the “main event” on Saturday, October 23rd. Saturdays event will include an afternoon of family/dog friendly activities, food, fun, live music, and drink specials at Weisiger Park followed by the iconic pup crawl in downtown Danville.

Tentative Schedules of Events:
Monday, October 18th – Virtual Happy Hour with Harvey’s “Cocktails with Alex and AY”
Tuesday, October 19th – Yappy Hour (Location TBD)
Wednesday, October 20th – Live Team Trivia (Location TBD)
Thursday, October 21st – Virtual Dog Cat Bingo
Friday, October 22nd – Yappy Hour (location TBD)
Saturday, October 233rd – Noon -6 Live from Weiseger Park! Music, Games, Drinks, followed by pub crawl and scavenger hun t at 6:30pm

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