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Join The Nook on Saturday, April 15th, at 8 p.m. for live performances from Nolan Taylor, Corduroy Brown, and Jordan Lee King.
Nolan Taylor is an Ohio Valley singer-songwriter. He writes like only he can and sings with the only voice that could’ve written those words. He ranges from the soft fall of rain to the roar of a river at flood, while exploring personal and human frailty, self-determination and all the chambers of the heart. Nolan’s authenticity is right in front of you listening to songs that relate in the trenches of the day to day, the restlessness of a broken heart, the emptiness of a shifting future, and the medicine of Love and gratitude. There is no pigeonholing the human condition—and Nolan’s sound is proof. Sharing stages with popular regionals artists such as Arlo McKinley, Morgan Wade, Charles Wesley Godwin, and many others, Nolan is releasing his first major LP in the spring of 23.
Corduroy Brown is a feel good, poppy, rock performer from Huntington, West Virginia. The music uses sounds from the 90’s and 2000’s, and a focus on self worth.
After being revived and placed on life support in 2021, he made a full recovery. Now themes of mental wellness and a willingness to live life to the fullest are represented in the music for his second time on the Earth
Jordan Lee King is a folk/Americana artist from Middlesboro, KY. The Southeastern Kentucky singer-songwriter reflects his Appalachian upbringing in his songs with his honest and empathetic lyrics.

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