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    Connecting pathways county wide provides safe commuting routes for industrial employees, low income neighborhoods,  and children to schools, parks, work and other resources in town, and for tourists to local attractions, restaurants and shops.


    Healthy living
    Trails provide safe routes for various forms of exercise, including walking, jogging and biking. This increases quality of life and reduces health care costs.


    Community enhancement
    Community gardens, parks, and other green spaces often originate from existing or new trails, improving the entire community.

    Environmental clean-up
    Trails provide an opportunity to improve waterways, remove invasive species, and raise awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship and conservation.


    Economic Impact
    Trails lead to development of special events, more visitors, higher property values and tax revenues, as well as development of under-utilized areas.


    Trails provide space for outdoor classrooms, science camps, and exercise classes. 


    Maps and Master Plans

    Below are maps and PDFs of trails projects and master plans the committee is currently undertaking. Printed copies are also available for checkout at Danville City Hall and the Boyle County Courthouse. 


    Trails Committee (formed September 2013)


    Ernst Crown Weber, owner Danville Bike and Footwear
    Mark Morgan, Mark L. Morgan and Associates

    Ann Goodwin, Centre College

    Sarah Hempel, Chair, Heart of Danville, Danville Family Medicine

    Rick Serres, Bluegrass Biomedical

    Clay Albright, Caldwell Stone 

    Melissa McAlister, CREEC

    Preston Miles, Centre College, CREEC

    Brett Werner, Centre College

    Earl Coffey, City of Danville Engineer

    Jennifer Kirchner, Executive Director, Danville-Boyle County CVB

    We welcome your input for additional members